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In Person

1 hr
$120 - $130

Distant Session

1 hr
$120 - $130

Transformation Sessions

1 hr
$360 - 3 x 1hr
1 hr
$720 - 6 x 1hr
1 hr

 All sessions incl of 15min after care call

 1hr sessions available upon completion of 3 Transformation Sessions

 Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly to suit your individual needs 

SGSM Sessions/Groups/Wshops

Individual Session
Group Sessions
$ 85

Gift Vouchers

1 hr
$120 - $130
We accept all major credit cards. Visa/MasterCard/Amex, Eftpos, Direct Debit, Cash.
Contact Lisa for scheduling an appointment and payment.

Energy Therapy rebalances the Energy systems of your body to release the blocked emotional energy and negative thought energy and replaces it with higher vibrational energies such as love, forgiveness, and joy, thereby making it
possible to attract what is good and wanted into your life.

Generally in “talk” therapy there is a lot of going over the same issues, which can take lots of time and many sessions. When working with energy, you don’t have to relive every detail of a past trauma in order to release it from your system. Your spirit already knows all the details; we just need to find the emotions held with that memory. Through Energy Therapy those emotions (anger, fear, betrayal, etc.) are released from the body AND the energy field. This doesn’t erase the memory of the incident, but releases the emotional potency of it, so it is no longer a barrier in your life.

Often times, the energy of events that happened to our ancestors is caught in our DNA. Depression, phobias, addictions, fears, even money issues are just a few of the issues that get passed down through the genetic code. With Energy Therapy we can trace it back to its origin and clear it for our lineage and ourselves.

Energy Therapy can rapidly improve any aspect of your life by getting to the root of the problem on an energetic and emotional level. And, because energy is not limited by distance, the work is just as powerful whether it is done working with someone in person, or speaking over the telephone.

What that looks like in your day-to-day life is:

~better health
~more joy
~less stress
~mental clarity
~stronger connection to your core self
~improved relationships
~increased finances

Energy Therapy is for everyone:  adults, babies, toddlers, children, elderly.....even pets! also places and events.

Schedule a session with Lisa today and start moving beyond your limiting beliefs, behaviours, inner conflicts and confusion.

"I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated after my treatments, I cannot thank you enough for helping me to feel re-balanced and ready for another week ! "
Susan  -  Teacher


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